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About Rebecca

Rebecca was born on March 7, 1979 in St. Louis, Missouri. Her parents are Ellen and Wayne Holdredge, and she has a younger sister, Kristen.

Rebecca grew up in St. Louis and graduated magna cum laude from Washington University in 2001 with majors in math and computer science. She moved to Louisville, Kentucky in the summer of 2001 to start her first career.

Rebecca began working as an actuarial analyst for Mercer Human Resource Consulting where she evaluated the design and funding of executive retirement benefits. She spent several years studying for acturial exams, and she acquired her Associate of the Society of Actuaries designation in 2005. For the past year, however, she has been spending almost all of her time concentrating on doing well in law school at Tulane University in New Orleans. She currently has an internship at Frost, Brown, Todd in Louisville, and is working in the Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation group.

In her off time, she enjoys relaxing in front of the TV, reading, knitting or planning her next trip around the world. In college, she adopted two cats from the St. Louis Humane Society - Monte Carlo and Paris. She spends quite a lot of time being entertained by them.

About Bobby

Bobby was born on July 25, 1977 in Louisville, Kentucky. His parents are Roy and Marty Dewitt, and he has two older sisters. His sister Pat is married to William Lair, and they live in Linden, Tennessee with their two children, Kathy and Lance. His other sister Linda lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming with her son Karl.

Bobby grew up on a farm in Henry County, Kentucky, which is about 45 miles northeast of Louisville. While growing up there, Bobby helped his family raise tobacco, corn, and a few head of beef cattle. Bobby went to grades 1 through 6 at New Castle Elementary, grades 7 and 8 at Henry County Middle School, and grades 9 through 12 at Henry County High School. In high school, Bobby was the captain of the academic team, a starting pitcher on the Wildcat's baseball team, and an active member of Future Business Leaders of America. During his senior year, he placed third in the nation in the Mr. Future Business leader event which consists of a written test and a formal interview.

Bobby attended the University of Kentucky from 1996 to 1999 where he was a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, in which he was very active and held several positions including vice president and house manager. He received a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Business Management in December 1999 and was recognized with honors in the management program. After graduation, he moved to Wyoming and lived with his sister for a few months before returning to Louisville, Kentucky with a new job opportunity.

In March of 2000, Bobby began working at, an Internet startup company that connected suppliers and buyers of construction equipment in an online marketplace. While at Ironmax, Bobby worked on the service desk as well as spending a lot of time learning about Oracle software and gaining an interest in web programming. After about a year with the company, Bobby became an Oracle Discoverer administrator, but soon realized that the company was in trouble of going under. He left Ironmax in April 2001 about a month before most of the company was laid off around the time the bubble burst for many Internet startup companies.

Bobby quickly found a job at Lightyear Communications as a Billing Analyst. His job was to reconcile overdue bills and resubmit bills for which the company had not yet received payment. He only stayed at Lightyear for three months because he received his first Oracle certification which helped him secure a much better job at Mercer HR Consulting.

Only a few days after 9/11, Bobby began working at Mercer HR Consulting as a Database Administrator. Mercer was the largest human resource consulting firm in the world with over 15,000 employees and offices in almost every country. Although, he didn't have much hands on experience with Oracle, he was willing to learn and quickly began to become familiar with the software. He was responsible for maintaing databases that held compensation information on many different jobs around the world.

After five years at Mercer, Bobby decided to move on. He found a job at Appriss, a small company in Louisville that kept track of criminals and informed victims of their whereabouts. Bobby has learned a lot during his time at Appriss, and is still employed as a Database Administrator for this small company which has been recognized as one of the Kentucky's Best Places to Work for three years in a row.

In August 2007, Bobby graduated from Bellarmine University with a Master of Science in Applied Information Technology. The degree focuses on different aspects of Information Technology including software development, project management, service management, and security. He finished with a 4.0 in the program.

Bobby has become more involved in web programming and especially the Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails framework. He has created several personal applications that Rebecca and he use on a daily basis, as well as applications used by his department at Appriss.

Bobby enjoys listening to music, travelling, trying new restaurants, playing softball, web programming, cooking, and spending time at home with Rebecca.

How We Met

Even though Rebecca and Bobby were working at Mercer Consulting in the summer of 2004, they didn't know each other because they worked on different floors and in different departments. One night in late July, they both were hanging out with friends at an Irish pub in Louisville called O'Shea's. Rebecca was out with a friend she had met at the office named Lavinia, and Lavinia worked in the same department as Bobby. Lavinia introduced the couple and they began talking about some of their shared interests.

Although they didn't begin dating immediately, by the middle of September they had been on a few dates. In January of 2005, they travelled to Cancun, Mexico where Bobby proposed to Rebecca on the beach. They were married on June 3, 2006 at Gardencourt on the grounds of the Presbyterian Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.