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Immediate Past Chair
Posted by blay -- Created over 4 years -- Viewed 1273 Times

I am the Party Secretary. Our Bylaws state the the "Immediate Past Chair" shall be a member of the State Committee. There is no other reference to this title in the Bylaws. The Bylaws also state that "All elected officers . . . shall serve until the close of the Annual State Convention following their election." Question: if the Chair is re-elected at the Annual Convention for another one year term, does the Immediate Past Chair now get another term? IOW, does the IPC continue to remain IPC so long as the Chair that succeeds him continues to be re-elected? Or is there no IPC for the new term as the Chair is, in effect, also the Immediate Past Chair once he becomes re-elected? Thanks
Posted by rtdewi0 -- over 4 years
Check first to see if your parent group has any previous rulings on this situation. This reelection does not tend to be covered in Roberts Rules to the best of my knowledge. If your parent group has not handled this, then your organization needs to decide. Please contact me directly if you have any other questions. Steve Small